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WELCOME to the HIDDEN CADRE a guild for the STAR WARS ONline MMORPG.

We are aimed at Mature (18+), RP oriented, PVE (predominantly), Casual gamers who do not have lots of time and/or every day free to play but who want to have some friendly familiar faces around to chat to when they do play.

There are ZERO expectations on activity here; no one will be thrown out if they don't log on every day or even every week. Log in when you can, play when you can and do so how you like.

Members are NOT required to group or participate in any organised events, raids, flashpoints etc.., or indeed DO anything together unless they wish to.  Although I certainly hope they will do so if they can, when they can.  And it is my hope that if a fellow guild member needs help or assistance people will be willing to lend help if able, but again it is not a requirement, if folks have something they want some help or company with just ask and those who want to tag along can and those who don't won’t. No recriminations either way it is your time and you are free to spend it as you wish.

I should also say ALTS (i.e. your other characters beyond the first) are not discouraged and you won't be penalised for having more than one character in fact being something of an alt-o-holic myself I'm personally all for them. HOWEVER the one caveat to this is IF you have more than one character on this faction that you sign them ALL up to the Hidden Cadre, if you have others republic side you sign them up to our alt guild the Last Hope... NO MULTIPLE GUILD MEMBERSHIPS. Period outside of this. I've game a lot of years (literally) and I have found cross guild memberships to be nothing but problematic. One guild invariably takes precedence over another and it just doesn’t work. So with that in mind by all means have multiple characters but anyone found cross guilding will be asked to make a choice and where required will be removed if that choice isn't us.

Finally any problems, concerns, suggestions or indeed if you just want to say hi even, then by all means contact me, either post here, PM me, or once the game is out I'll provide an email folks can use to contact me and I’ll guarantee a response within 24hours of your message being sent (usually less). I cannot resolve an issue, or fix a concern unless I know about it. If you have concerns don't let them fester in silence, talk to me and I'll get to the bottom of them.

The Hidden Cadre is very much a niche guild intended for the growing numbers of casual gamers who are very much fans of a game but don't want or simply do not have the time to deal with all the usual guild commitments and hassles you would typically find with a mainstream guild. We are social, but we are not controlling you play when you want, how you want but have the guarantee of a group of friendly, familiar faces to chat to when you do.

Play HOW you want, WHEN you want, but do so with FRIENDS.

Guild News

Our New Home Server

TOR_Kainen, Jul 30, 12 10:49 PM.
As per BIOWARE's change in our server status and our requirement to move to a new server within 30 days as part of thier pending server merges we have now moved all (apparent) active members and the guilds to our new home server "The Progenitor", which is another EU RP-PVE, English speaking server.

Trask Ulgo will be missed as will those members who are no longer with us after the transfers either because they stopped playing or didn't check the forums to know what was happening.  The final day to have a choice and recieve the free transfer rewards is now more or less over, after this anyone remainign will be placed as Bioware sees fit.

Coming Up in STAR WARS The Old Republic

TOR_Kainen, Jan 20, 12 6:56 AM.
Posted on the Official STWOR Site today is a video that highlights what is upcoming to the game.

the video can be viewed HERE

Patch 1.0.2d Is live today 12th Jan 2012

TOR_Kainen, Jan 18, 12 8:20 AM.
Todays patch notes can be read HERE

What is a Casual and Casuals Guild Really all about?

TOR_Kainen, Jan 17, 12 7:20 PM.
Okay first let me start by saying this post is not meant to point out what is already known by others, but merely to clarify exactly what I see it meaning.

The point has come up a couple of times of late with different people, so a little clarification I felt was probably needed.

Firstly..what is CASUAL?

Well the dictionary terms it as follows


Relaxed and unconcerned.

A person who does something irregularly: "a number of casuals became regular customers".

accidental - incidental - fortuitous - occasional

In gaming terms how does it apply?  We essentially a Casual Player is someone who only plays intermittantly due to limited time or real life committments.  They are no less interested in games or gaming than those who are more mainstream, but merely have more working against them in terms of actually being able to play.

So what is a CASUAL's Guild?

A Casuals Guild is just that a community, largely social in nature that comes together in common purpose with fellow casuals to play a game either alone or together as and when they can.

Unlike most mainstream guilds, their tends to be very little in the way or regularly predictable activity as a whole.  Activities like group questing or raiding tends to be more "on the fly" with very little notice for the most part if at all.

Like with us their also tend to be very few committments in regard to time or activity from members, they log in and play as and when they can and are allowed to spend thier time as they choose.

Some people erroneously join casuals guilds expecting everyone to be online all the time, or for constant activities to be taking places as a coordinated guild a la Mainstream Guilds.. but as noted above then tends to be contradictory to what a casual is and what a casuals guild "typically" does.

Will they do things?  undoubtedly.. should it be expected? probably not and at the very least not with anything approaching regularity or predictability.

Indeed as noted earlier a casuals guild largely exists as a social medium so that those who only have limited time to play can at least be a part of a such an organisation as most mainstream gamers and experience at least some of what they do by being able to interact with a familiar group of people on a quasi regular basis.

And to sum up it is with the above definition in mind that I formed the Hidden Cadre.  We arent here to tell you how to play or when to play we are simply here to provide a friendly, supportive atomosphere for you when you do and peoples expectations about the guild and what it is likely to be, expect and/or provide should be no more or less than that noted above.

Have a problem, or a question ask. If I or another member do not know the answer I will certainly make a point of finding out for you so that I can provide you one.

Need some hints or tips, or wnat a guide on something, say so and Ill either find and link an existing one r time allowing put something together for you myself.

Need help in game, ask if I or someone is availabel and willing to help, they almost certainly will.

Want to do a guild group activity, by all means suggest it, our forums are an ideal place for such things to be suggested.  That way anyone who is will and/or available can work out a time amenable to everyone for them to take place.  But as a casual guild you shouldn't realistically "expect" group activities by default.  They can and will happen if folks are available and willing but they arent somethign we do every other day or even week like aa mainstream guild or a raiding guild might.

Most of all my intent was to create a mature, family friendly environment for people to come and interact... and who doesnt like STAR WARS :)

Update 1.1 Games first content update is due to drop January 17th "Rise of the Rakghouls"

TOR_Kainen, Jan 16, 12 11:17 AM.
SWTOR is set to add its first content update on the 17th of January, entitled the RISE OF THE RAKGHOULS  more details can be found in the link.
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